Learning Sabbatical

/ˈlərniNG səˈbadək(ə)l/
  1. Time away from work to develop new skills
  2. A self-directed learning journey
Used in a sentence: 
"This website is a resource for those planning a learning sabbatical."
Why Learning Sabbaticals?
learning sabbatical

Profiles of Learning Sabbaticals

Mirha Masala

Mirha Masala's Leap of Code

1 Year
Web Development

I have a Masters in European Studies, but except for interning at an embassy in Holland, I didn't do much with these credentials...
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Justin Gerard

Justin's Machine Learning Sabbatical

6 Months
Machine Learning

I began my career by working in the Navy and the Foreign Service between the US, China, and Colombia...
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Rafael Knuth

Rafael Knuth's Data Science Journey

1 Year
Data Science
Blank Pill____

In 1992, I entered the job market and landed a job as an advertising copywriter for McDonald’s.
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